Sunday, 12 September 2010

AMX and Procon Equipment

At work we are using a number of AMX Novara panels to automate the teaching lecterns/cabinets.

As Novara panels and the Solecis integrators used to be produced by Procon, there can be a bit of confusion regarding the model numbers.

Here is a small table with what is what (at least the things we use :)):

AMX NameProcon NameDescription
Novarra CP2024-TRYP2024-0124 Button Console 1 Cross
AVS-SLPR-0201-0301YP2020-021U Integrator
AVS-SLPR-0401-0601YP2011-022U Integrator
?8450-03IP Unit

On a similar note, most of the Novaras don't have the pin-out of the programming port printed on their back, so here it is:

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