Friday, 17 December 2010

Changing the build.prop on a X5A-G

The following procedure will make Skype work on a X5A-G, make sure that the unit is using the screen space properly (no more big icons) and possibly make it a bit smoother.

Make sure you are rooted, and that adb recognises the device.

Type the following to download the build.prop file to your harddrive:
 adb -d pull /system/build.prop  

Open the build.prop file with a text editor and set the following properties as follows:


And add the following line at the end

Save it, and type the following to send the file back to the device.
 adb -d remount  
 adb -d push build.prop /system/build.prop  
 adb -d reboot  

If you get any error messages after the "adb -d remount" line, then you do not have root...

Edit: fixed missing '=' sign in the 'dalvik.vm.execution-mode=int:fast' line...


  1. Hello Alexandros!

    I have learnt from your blog that you have a HSG X5A-G tablet.
    This is the model I am about to buy, but I have some doubts. Maybe you could help me:

    1. I think this model has a microphone and a webcam... but, is videocall supported? in skype or other messaging program?
    If not, can you make a voice conference, just audio? (voip)

    2. Does it support srt subtitles while watching a movie? (this is essential for me)
    If yes, can you change size of subtitle, or color or delay some time the subtitle?

    3. Last one (you can avoid this one) :)
    Have you tried playing games with scummvm, like monkey island, indiana jones, etc?
    I would love to re-play them and I was wondering how the experience is in this touch-screen devices.

    Thank you in advance!

  2. Hi!

    Regarding your questions:

    1. It has a microphone, but no camera.

    2. It depends on the video playback application you are using. By default no, but there are apps (like mVideoPlayer) which do support them.

    3. Actually I am not sure. I know I fired up scummvm on it but I can't remember how it went :). The main problem with touchscreen in Scummvm is how to handle right click. You might want to have a look here:

    Also, another place to ask questions about this tablet is the slatedroid forum ( There are more people there to help you :)


  3. Thank you for your quick reply!

    And very useful links too!

    About the camera, I think the reviewer in youtoube was wrong (he was pointing a small hole in the device (right upper corner in landscape mode) and said it was the camera ¿?¿)