Thursday, 10 February 2011

R4i SDHC Card Problems and Solutions

I recently started having problems with my R4i SDHC cartridge, after changing the MicroSD card. The problems started when I swapped my old 2GB card to a SDHC one.

It would act slowly, corrupt save games and display "Savfile not founded! [sic]" message when some games are loaded.

To solve it, I did the following:
  1. Copy all ROMs to the desktop.
  2. Reformat the card using the Panasonic SD Formatter ( I used version 2.0, with the default settings.
  3. Replaced the spaces of the ROMs and .sav files with underscores ('_').
  4. Copied everything back to the newly formatted card.
  5. Updated the R4i's kernel (check their website). 
A couple of ROMs still failed to load (complaining about the Savfile), but once I moved to the root of the card, they were fine.

For the record, I use the R4i to mostly to write homebrew apps, and I do own the original cartridges of any ROMs I have loaded on it.

For the current (at the time of this writing) status flashcard legality, read here:

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